Turk’s Head Rings

ARIS Turks head rings are new to the net. Our individually crafted Turk’s head rings, nautical in style, feel on your finger the way that a well designed and balanced boat feels when you’re under sail. We are introducing toe rings, also in Turk’s head designs. This new line of Turks head accessories has the panache and freedom of the open sea.

Turk’s Head Rings In White Gold And Rose Gold

The nautical line is handcrafted in 18K gold, but can be special ordered in 14K gold and in white and rose gold. All of our jewelry is unique, as is the person who wears it. Turks head weaving, as crafted by the artists at Aris Titanium jewelry displays the skill and care that you find in all of our titanium jewelry. The weave of the rings is carefully executed with an endless flow of gold.

Samples Of The Woven Gold Rings

Skiros, a white gold ring created in the prolonged braiding design, is hand woven from 18 k white gold, resembling the waves and color that create the spirit of the sea.

The Eilat ring is made with white gold and rose gold and make a stunning looking gold ring that is perfect as a symbol of a marriage union.

The unique new line of gold rings, with the look of snake skins. The ancient Greeks saw the shedding of the snake’s skin as a symbol of rebirth and renewal. The Fidy Kokinos gold ring is a fine example of the beauty of this extraordinary new line of gold rings.

Titanium Snake Ring

Finally the creation of the Fidy line has come to make the most unique Fidi Mikro titanium ring. Hand made from titanium, it had the look and texture of snake skin.

Men Turk’s Head Rings

The Aris collection of Turk head wedding ring design for men is totally unique. Two different color rings are shaped to resemble beautiful snake skin. The use of higher gauge gold wires ensures durability and lasting ruggedness. The rings feel as if they have more “weight” in them, to ensure you get a good value for your money. Some of these bands can be ordered with even higher gauge, resulting in their being wider and more rugged.

 Silver Turk’s Head Rings

 New with Aris Titanium !!! It is now possible to order turk”s head design rings in sterling silver. All the turk’s head ring that are at the Aris titanium site can be ordered now in silver. This is good news for those who prefer silver over gold, and for those who want a quality turk’s head ring in a very affordable price. Please contact for a quote in silver of any of the rings at the Turk’s Head rings page .