Turk’s Head Wedding Rings

If you are looking for unique, elegant Turk’s Head rings then you need not look any further. Aris Titanium specializes in producing hand-crafted wedding rings and wedding bands, engagement rings, bracelets and jewelry using the space-age metal, titanium, combined with the traditional metals of fine jewelry: gold, silver and platinum.

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Why titanium Jewelry?

Titanium was first isolated over two hundred years ago was named for the Titans, the mighty race who, in legend, inhabited the Earth before the creation of man. Titanium is sometimes called the metal of the future because its light weight and durability have proven so important in the aero-space industry.

However, titanium has many properties that make it a great material for jewelry. Titanium is hypoallergenic, non-destructible, non-tarnishing and light-weight. It generates a richness of color that allows stunning combinations especially when the jewelry is inlaid with gold, silver, platinum and rose gold.

Titanium Wedding Rings

Aris titanium rings inlaid with gold and sliver are ideal as wedding and engagement rings and bands. The sophistication of titanium combined with the richness of gold and silver produces a blend that is enduring and stunning and perfect for wedding and engagement jewelry. The wedding rings and bands are suitable for men and women alike.

Classical Designs and Nautical Jewelry

The elegance of titanium jewelry has made it a favorite choice of people seeking wedding rings, wedding bands and engagement rings. Take a look at our wedding bands and you will see that our designs are based on Greek and Roman classical themes. Another important motif in our designs is marine and nautical, such as our Yacht Club and Turks Head jewelry. All of our rings, bands and bracelets are handmade and combine the durability of titanium with the beauty of traditional precious metals.

Titanium Gold Inlay Rings

Aris jewellery presents a new line of gold rings, which presents the beauty of snakes in a new way. They are called Fidy (snake) in Greek. They come in yellow and rose inlaid gold. We are sure that you will love this new line of rings. See the Fidy Aspros for example

New Jewelry Designs: Mokume Gane rings

Among our newest designs is a new line of titanium rings with Mokume Gane inlay. Mokume Gane, is the Japanese art of laminating different color metals by fusing, working and forging them to achieve a wood grain look. For an example of a titanium wedding ring with this unique gold inlay see the Anna ring.

New Jewelry Designs: Titanium snake bracelet, ring and earings

A new stunning line of titanium jewelry that is based on the the great line of the Fidi rings in gold. The amazing Fidi bracelet is just wonderful piece of jewelry. It took long time and hard work to get this unique bracelet from a thought to an amazing bracelet.In this new line you can find also the Fidi Mikro titanium ring and Fidia titanium earrings.

Your can find more new designs at our Aris news page. Whatever is new in the world of titanium jewelry, wedding rings, bracelets, mokume and turk’s head rings can be found here. This page also contains valuable information on sizing, shipping and safe online shopping.

Aris titanium jewelry prides itself on high quality craftsmanship and service. Take a look around our website and you will see why we are a leader in the field of handcrafted titanium jewelry and wedding rings.

Silver Turk’s Head Rings

 New with Aris Titanium !!! It is now possible to order turk”s head design rings in sterling silver. All the turk’s head ring that are at the Aris titanium site can be ordered now in silver. This is good news for those who prefer silver over gold, and for those who want a quality turk’s head ring in a very affordable price. Please contact for a quote in silver of any of the rings at the Turk’s Head rings page .

My home town Eilat

 The city of Eilat is where I live and make my jewelry: titanium wedding bands, turk’s head rings and nautical jewelry. the city is located at the most northern end of the Red  Sea that extend from the Indian ocean. It is also the most south part of Israel. The mountains around the gulf are majestic part of the desert. The sea itself is tropical that inspire me as a sailor and diver to create marine jewelry.