Titanium Wedding Rings

Titanium wedding rings are quite new in the field of wedding rings. Titanium wedding rings can be the answer for those who suffer from allergies from traditional metals such as gold and silver. Titanium is totally hypoallergenic; it is used in body implants, such as dental implants. Titanium wedding rings can be made in many styles; classic, curved, with texture of different designs, with stone setting, and with inlay of silver and gold that can use different colors gold to have a nice effect of contrast. Gold can be used as inner band for those who want a strong and durable wedding ring while having a traditional gold band. Titanium wedding rings can have inlay of gold in many different styles. The gold can be smooth inlay, or inlay of braided gold ring or silver platinum. Titanium has silver gray color and it combine beautifully with yellow, white and rose gold.

Turk’s-Head Wedding Rings

Turk’s head rings are great as wedding rings. There is a wide selection of designs, color of gold and width. They are suitable both for man and woman, as some are daintier and other more rugged looking. As these rings are made from round wires they have a natural comfort fit. These rings can be used also as inlays in titanium wedding rings as the Midas titanium ring. Some of the Turk’s head rings can be formed to have the look of a rope, or snake skin. One great feature of the Turk’s head wedding rings is that they are like a mesh and therefore no water stay under the ring to make the skin feel itchy or look clammy, also there is no sweating as with rings that lie tight against the skin. It feels nice and airy.

Mokume-Gane Weddig Ring

Mokume Gane is a Japanese art that combine different metals, and metals of different colors as yellow, rose and white gold to make jewelry and other art objects. The results created through fusing and forging of different colors metals is of a wood grain look that is unique. The combination of metals and colors is endless, and so is the final look of the finished products. Each wedding ring is unique, as the forging and working the metals after fusing create endless variation of forms. Metal that can be combined for wedding rings are: silver, gold in different colors (yellow, rose and white), platinum and also copper with silver make a great combination. As Mokume Gane wedding can be quite expensive, because of the amount work and amount of precious metals, there is an option to inlay Mokume gane in titanium wedding rings to reduce the cost and at the same time to make an amazing looking weeding ring of Mokume Gane titanium wedding rings.

Titanium Silver Wedding Rings

Titanium rings inlaid with silver make lovely wedding rings. The color of silver with the gray of titanium is a great subtle combination. These rings can be done in polish or matte finish, and in both ways they will look good. The titanium toughness protects the silver inlay and ensures a long lasting wedding ring that keeps its good look for many years. As with other titanium wedding rings it is important to size the ring properly (see the article about sizing), it is more difficult to resize titanium ring with inlay than titanium ring all by itself.

Having Same Design Wedding Ring  

Some couples who want to express their love want to have same design wedding ring. However many times the man has larger hand than woman. And what look nice and dainty on a woman hand will look out of place on a large man’s hand. And other way too, a man rugged wedding ring will look odd on a dainty woman hand. A possible solution is to have the man ring wider, while keeping the basic design of the wedding ring. A good example is the TITANIUM RING -GOLD INLAY APHRODITE.  

Affordable Wedding Rings

At Aris Titanium Jewelry we do our best to give you the best affordable wedding rings. These days when price of gold is a major factor in wedding ring price, Aris Jewelery titanium wedding rings with gold inlay are the best option for a fantastic affordable wedding bands that are classy, beautiful and best value.  We don’t stock rings and make the rings as they are ordered, and so avoid the need for expensive credit to keep such a stock. At the same time we can make the rings in the width you want or other changes as color of gold. Having  a website instead of a shop and working at a studio at home, also help to cut running cost in the production. So in the end we can keep price low and affordable as possible.