Turk’s Head Bracelets

Turk’s head jewelry and accessories are new to the net. Our individually crafted Turk’s-head bracelets are created with an innovative  18K  gold wire-rope, unique in its resemblance to real rope. More solid than the ropes made of twisted wires of the same dimensions, it is more durable.

Turk’s Head Jewelry

The Turk’s Head jewellery collection includes a selection of nautical prolong knot Braided rings. These seafarer’s favorites are crafted with outstanding accuracy, that might fool the less discerning into thinking they were machine made.

In our nautical line we present marine inspired designs in jewelry such as rings, turk’s head bracelets and turk’s head earrings as well as fashion accessories such as tie clips, money clips and cuff links. These are available in Turk’s-head and prolong Braided knots .

Men’s Turk’s Head Bracelets

The silver Turk’s head bracelets Aris and Triton , were made with Harley Davidson bikers in mind. Turk’s head bracelets that are big enough, rugged and heavy to give a sense of well balanced jewellery.

Marine Jewelry

The rose gold Sea Horses were made as a new venture creating a line of marine life. We hope that this new design will be just the beginning of many SEA LIFE JEWELRY in gold.

Titanium Snake Earrings

To complete the Fidi line, the Fidia titanium earrings were made. Totally unique these had made earrings are made with titanium that is made to have the look of snake skin.

New Design Watch Band

The new Pan watch band that is worthy of any watch in the world is hand made with silver in gold to fit your best watch.

Men Turk Head Jewelry

In this page you can find really masculine weave bracelets like the Triton and Aris men’s silver bracelets. The luxury gold and silver men’s bracelets the Bahamas, the Prometheus and St. Kitt’s can be worn on any occasion for their elegance and statement.

As with all of Aris Jewelry we pride ourselves on high quality materials, craftsmanship and service.


Silver Men Turk’s Head Jewelry

All Aris Titanium Jewelry designs of turk’s head  rings and turk’s head bracelets, are now offered in sterling silver. Please contact for any inquiry and a quote.