Tianium Rings Gold Inlay

Aris titanium rings inlaid with gold are ideal as wedding rings and wedding bands. The sophistication of titanium combined with the richness of gold, produces a blend that is enduring. Wedding bands and rings with the warmth and luxurious glow of gold and titanium makes these handcrafted designs far more valuable than the price you pay.


Titanium Rings Turk’s Head Inlay

Along with Aris titanium’s classical line of rings and bands, the new line of Turk’s head marine jewelry brings a nautical flair to Midas in its gold inlay design. This outstanding titanium wedding ring, with its hand woven, 18K gold rope will “tie you to each other for eternity”. The rich combination of titanium and gold will receive a new flair to feel of the “yacht club” jewelry.


Titanium Rings Mokume Gane Inlay

A new line of titanium rings developed by Aris titanium rings is our line of Mokume Gane inlay rings. Mokume Gane, the Japanese art of laminating different color metal by fusing them together and then working and forging them to achieve a wood grain look, gives Aris jewellery a sophisticated and exotic look. An example of this new titanium wedding ring with its unique gold inlay can be seen in the Anna ring. Aris titanium jewelry prides itself on high quality materials, craftsmanship and service. Coming soon in Aris Titanium , a NEW line of titanium rings inlaid with a unique type of gold Mokume Gane with the appearance of exotic snakes skins. This is new innovation of Aris Titanium Jewelry.

Men’s Titanium Band Gold Inlay

For the man who wants a sturdy, rugged, titanium ring, that is unique – the Aris titanium band with gold inlay is the answer. The grey silvery color of titanium combines exquisitely with the different colors of gold : yellow, white and rose gold. Some men’s titanium rings boast a Turk head weave that will suit boaters as well as those who like an elegant, masculine design.