Titanium Bracelets

The titanium bracelet, with or without the combination of silver or gold, is a statement of your individuality and style. Alone or in combination, the look of the titanium bracelet stands out. The addition of the new marine inspired Turks head jewelry to the Aris line is also seen in the nautical line of bracelets. Titanium, combined with other precious metals creates a look that is fitting for every setting.
The weave of the bracelets, combining Titanium, silver and gold displays the precision of the craftsmanship found only in Aris Titanium jewelry, with a rhythm and flow to the joining of the strands.

Titanium Bracelet Gold Inlay

The Echo Titanium Bracelet is the ultimate model of the strength and the lightness of titanium, allowing an infinite wave of gold to be inlaid in the titanium.

Carved Titanium Bracelets

The Zeno titanium bracelet and the Atis titanium bracelet are made and carved from solid titanium to achieve their fine smooth grey titanium look.

Titanium snake bracelet

The Fidi titanium bracelet, just added to the Aris jewelry collection, is one of my favorites. The amazing unique result work is worth the long and hard involved in creating this stunning bracelet.
Sizing for Titanium Bracelets To size for a cuff bracelet as the Triton bracelet . You need to measure the wrist circumference where the bracelet will be worn. Unlike a bracelet that is made of links such as the Atlantic bracelet and has to be a little lose. A rigid cuff bracelet has to be snug to be comforable.

Men Titanium Bracelets

Men’s titanium bracelets like those seen in the Aris titanium bracelets collection are completely unique. Nowhere else can you can find hand made titanium bracelets for men. We have simple elegant designs that feature weaving of titanium bars like the Titan and Hercules bracelets, or titanium and gold bars like the Waikiki titanium and gold bracelets. The subtle inlay with gold dots in rugged men’s titanium bracelets, like the Echo and Patmos, is another example of possible designs.

Wearing a Titanium Bracelet

To position the bracelet, turn the arm, with the thumb of the hand upward, gently slide the bracelet over the smallest part of the wrist, then turn the top of the bracelet to the top of the wrist and slide to its most comfortable position. Reverse instruction for removal. Do not try to bend the titanium.
Below there is a short video clip that shows how to clip a titanium bracelet on.

As with all of Aris Jewelry we pride ourselves on high quality materials, craftsmanship and service.