Dear Baruch,
The ring came in a timely fashion, and I was somewhat surprised with its’ shipping container. After opening the package, however, I realized that you are no stranger to shipping throughout the world and the ring was just fine.
Speaking of the ring, it is as exactly as represented on your site. When we married 42 years ago, the only time I wore a ring was during the ceremony and never after. Now, having your creation, I can’t wear it enough. 10 mm is just right for my liking, and the pink & gold braiding is spectacular – especially being trapped by the titanium. Thank you from my wife and myself! MAZOL TOV!
George Hvozda

Dear Baruch,

We received the ring a few days ago. It is beautiful and perfect! Thank you so much for getting it to us so quickly. You are an artist!

Best wishes to you and your loved ones,


My Pallas ring arrived yesterday and I’m thrilled with it. I had given up hope of finding the exact ring I was looking for, but you’ve provided the mix of materials and custom design that match exactly what I wanted.

Thank you!



Hi Baruch

I have the bracelet and I have to say that it’s very nice. I’ve received so many compliments on it. It’s a style that people seem to like very much. Even strangers are making comments. So I just wanted to say that you have done a fantastic job as an artist and craftsman.

Take care,

Michael Collins



Thank you so much for getting back to me as fast as you do. I wish all the people that I deal with personal and business respond the way you do. Your work ethic and your craftsmanship cannot compare to anyone else. I really thank you for the time you took to work with me to get the ring I wanted. The first way to expand the ring just didn’t seem right. But you took the time to help me to decide how to make the ring. Your personalized service cannot compare to any one else. It is so nice to know there are people like you that still take pride in their work. That is why I look at your web site and will remain a loyal customer.




Mr. Baruch

I want to thank you again for the amazing ring you sent – we simply love it.

My husband is so happy to have such a unique ring.

Thank you again

Jennifer Parker

God Bless



I wanted to thank you for the exceptional job on our wedding band set. The rings are beautiful and the craft exceeded our expectations. Congratulations on your skill and artistic ability.

Kind regards,

Eric Cobb

Arlington, Texas USA


Dear Baruch

Thank you for your Email and phone call, FedEx left a note saying they will call back on Monday morning. I am really looking forward to seeing it! I hadn’t expected such personal service , you obviously take great pride in your work which makes me feel my ring is individual, which makes it more special for me.





I have just taken receipt of the wedding ring ordered last week.

It far exceeds what I expected and want to say a huge “thank you”

The detail on the ring is fantastic and the ring itself is just superb.

I will have no hesitation in recommending aris titanium to everyone I know.

Once again  THANK YOU

Kind regards

Diane Watkins

(Hull – UK)


Dear Baruch

We received our Poseidon rings today and I just wanted to tell you how beautiful they are… We couldn’t be happier the ring sizes are perfect fit and we are so glad we chose to order from your company. It was a big risk to order wedding rings online especially shipping to the U.S. from Israel, but it turned out more perfect than we hoped.

Thank you again,

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Dickens (to be)


Dear Baruch,

I am sorry that I have not been able to e-mail sooner to let you know that our two Aphrodite rings arrived week before last and we are absolutely delighted with them!

All of the comments in your testimonials about the quality and workmanship are very well-deserved and not overstated. We particularly love the silky-smooth feel of the inside of the rings – you don’t even feel like you are wearing a ring at all, they are that comfortable! The engraving is beautifully done. We also truly appreciated all of your attention to detail and your prompt and helpful e-mails as we were selecting our rings.

We highly recommend the Aphrodite ring as a wedding band and have found it to be the perfect symbolic choice for our 5th Wedding Anniversary re-commitment. Two individual strands of gold, touching from point to point yet still retaining their individuality, set into a perfect band of made from a single piece of titanium which does not have a beginning or end. No relationship is perfect, but these rings are! Thank you so very much for making this extra special for us!

Alan & Patricia Bint

Pensacola, FL


Hi Baruch

Hi just to let you know we are really really happy with the rings they are perfect and fit really well too!

i have recommended you on a UK wedding website forum to lots of people so you might have some more UK orders soon!

helen and chris


Dear Baruch

The Kronos ring is unique and outstanding.

thanks, Bob


Hello Baruch

My wife loved the Bahama bracelet for Christmas, and in fact has not taken it off.

It is a lovely piece of art.

thanks again.



Dear Baruch

I want to thank you for your prompt and efficient service. The ring gold coast is beautiful and properly sized.

You can count on my recommending your company in the future!




Dear Baruch

Thank you so much for your beautiful work on our Pallas rings. We received them and love them.

Thank you for getting them to us so quickly. We will treasure them always!


Jessica Isabel


Hi Baruch

The ring Cyclades is fabulous and it fits perfectly. Robert is very happy with the ring.

I hope that our gratitude brings you a sense of accomplishment.

Great Job!



Hi Baruch

Just wanted to let you know I received my ring pallas today.It came out great!

As always your workmanship is fantastic. I could not be happier with all the pieces that I have ordered.

Your service does not compare to any one else.

Best regards and Shana Tova

Anne Bernstein


Dear Baruch

The fit was perfect on both rings Eilatand my girlfriend Mindy couldn’t have been more excited. Coming from Israel and gold from Jerusalem only adds more to the special nature of the rings. I am wearing mine proudly.

Thank you so much for making this happen in such a short time with little notice.

I have no doubt I will be ordering again from you in the future. My best wishes to you and continued success.

Shalom, Larry


Hi Baruch

Perfect! Just the right size. Looks great, finish is brilliant.

Thanks for all your patience. Have to wear shirts and ties at work now hence reason had to change from torc. Another bracelet or necklace later this year. My left wrist is now complete with the 4 pices you have made.

Right wrist and a necklace next? I have seen hudreds of bracelets on internet, your designs are by far most original especially complex braiding

Have a great time sailing!!!!

totally appreciative! Tom P..


Hello Baruch


We got our rings Feggarri they are so beautiful and unique! Even better than we expected, and both a perfect fit. When we put them on, I think it really hit us that we are entering into a special union, and we both got really happy. So, your rings make us happy – thank you!

Best wishes to you, Baruch!

Thanks Baruch,


The last part of the story:             The rings will become very special in a few weeks time when we go to Croatia on a sailing trip and have a ceremony to bless the rings on our 25th wedding anniversary, at a church in Dubrovnik.

So, now you have participated of a very special part of our lives.

Thanks again for your help and well wishes.

Carlos & Ximena Yanez



recceived bracelet Triton – great job!!

Bob moses



Thank You so much! The Kimi ring is perfect and the engraving is too. Thank you so much for getting it here quickly and keeping in contact throughout the order. I love It. My fiance loves it, It will be his wedding ring and I am so glad we picked it!


Mary Erickson


Dear Baruch

The wedding ring I ordered is a masterpiece, with flawless workmanship and finish, and not a trace of tool marks anywhere. Baruch is highly skilled as a craftsman, as well as being an innovative artist. I especially like the color of the titanium in his rings. I’ve seen others that have a grayish tone but his are bright, almost like a white gold or platinum.

Shopping online always raises questions about quality and integrity, but I can recommend Aris Jewelry without reservation.

Thanks again,



Dear Baruch

I just wanted to let you know that the Dilos ring arrived today as promised, and it is perfect.

What you do is truly amazing, and I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful ring.

Thank you so much for everything! From your personal service to the awesome craftsmanship, it was a great experience for me. I will definitely keep you in mind for future purchases!

Thanks again,



By the way, your rings are the nicest I have seen anywhere. They are really beautiful.

I am looking forward to owning the Midas titanium ring.




You are more than welcome to use my email. I would love to help support your work in any way possible, because like I said before, it is incredible. Thanks again for your service.




Thank you so very much for getting the ring back to us so soon!

We got it today…again thanks so much!

Jessica Morin


Hello Baruch


It has been about a year since we did business with you, but on the occasion of our first anniversary I was inspired to thank you again not just for the beautiful wedding rings but also for how easy you made the process for us.

We’re already thinking about getting the Icarus rings for our 5th anniversary.

KJ and Randy


Hello Baruch

I received the ring today. It is beautiful and fits perfectly! Thank you for your help and prompt shipping .



Dear Baruch

Shana Tova

Best wishes for a happy and healty new year. Thank you for everything.

All your jewerly is wonderful! I am enjoying all the peices i ordered

Anne Bernstein



Got the ring!

Thanks a million!



Dear Baruch

We received our DILOS rings yesterday. We are extremely pleased with them.

The picture certainly did not do them justice. We will proudly show them off and send any referrals your way.

Thank you for your assistance with finding us the perfect commitment rings.

Best of luck,

Joe and Matt


Hi Baruch

The Poseidon ring is perfect as soon as the wedding has been i will let everyone know where i got the ring from.

All the best,




I recieved the Tilos ring rose gold inlay today. Thank you so much for the speedy delivery.

You are an exceptional craftsman. Thank you for sending your buisness cards, I have several friends who are engaged and looking for wedding/engagement rings. I will be sure and tell them how impressed I am with your work.

Good luck and many blessings.




Thank you!

Just opened the package containing my new Jason Bracelet . Very handsome. Aris titanium is the best in the world!

Patrick J. Schuette

Raleigh, North Carolina


Greetings Baruch

Received my bracelet today and am wearing it as I type this. Looks and fits great!

You do superior work, many thanks for the fine customer service.




Good Morning

I received my ring today.

It is absolutely beautiful. I love it. It is everything your web page had displayed.

I can’t thank you enough. I will be ordering another ring

Soon for my wife

Thank You!


Dear Mr. Avraham

We just wanted to let you know we received our rings today ( Orion and Dilos) and they are beautiful! We wanted our wedding rings to be personal and represent ourselves and our own style and you have come through with flying colors. I can’t wait until our wedding day when I get to show off your craftsmanship to everyone.

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job.

We couldn’t be happier with the rings or with your personal customer service and attention to detail. We can’t thank you enough. I will tell all I meet about your work!


Koreena Keller and Peter Ralston


Hello Baruch

We received the ring yesterday and it is beautiful. Fits well and is incredible.

Thank you so much for your personal attention and abilities. I look forward to

placing future orders.

Thanks again.



Dear Baruch

Thank you so much. Your artistry will be part of our lives forever.

Keep creating!

Mick and Michael


Dear Baruch

The ring arrived today, and it is even more attractive than I’d hoped.

Thanks for having such a great website and for making rings that not even that website can really do justice to. And if you ever make it to our desert, give us a call. It would be a treat to meet the artist in person.

Jan and Phyllis Waye



I wanted to let you know that the rings have arrived just fine here in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Thank you for getting them to us as quickly as you did. We were worried that they would arrive while we were on vacation.

What I hadn’t told you up until now is why we choose Zoey. Frank had first mentioned to me when we first started dating that he would like a titanium ring as his wedding band. He had spent time searching on-line, but with the many style to choose from, it was too overwhelming for him.

I had put in Google ‘titanium wedding rings’, and your web site was on the first of several hundred web pages listed. As I was reading through the names, I liked the fact that you had named your styles with Greek Mythology names.

I was looking for a ring that was only titanium. A gold inlayed ring was not an option. Frank wanted a titanium only ring on the premises that titanium is a durable metal that is pretty much indestructible. When I saw that you had a style named, Zoey, I knew then that would be the ring for us. We have a cat named Zoey. She is quite a unique pet. She means a lot to both Frank and I.

When Frank saw that not only was it named Zoey, but it was made of titanium with gold on the inside, it then had more meaning to him.

To him gold is something precious. The fact that a stronger metal protected a softer metal made Zoey even more desirable to both of us.

I guess we took it as more symbolic than most would, but nonetheless we have found a ring that both of us will cherish.

Thank you, Baruch. You have crafted two rings that will be greatly enjoyed for life.

I can honestly say for the both of us that we are truly happy with them.

Take Care,

Julie & Frank


Hi Baruch

We got the ring, it is very beautiful. you do excellent work.


from Stacey’s husband Paul


Hi Baruch

You should know that I was hesitant to order something so important over the internet, sight unseen, but when they arrived, I knew that we made the right decision.

I appreciate how quickly you took care of the fit problem that I had even though the error was mine, not yours. Also, although we ordered a simple design, the quality of the work is better than any of the titanium rings that I looked at in jewelers shops.



Hi Baruch

Thank you very much I sure appreciate your help. I must compliment you on your service…it is the best I have had exposure to in this industry!!! We are looking forward to our big day and can’t wait to see the ring. You really need to research getting your advertisement for your business towards the top of the titanium wedding ring web search…you were considerably far down on the list, however, your jewelry outweighed all the other companies and so does your service.

Thank you again.




I received the bracelet today and my boyfriend is over the moon with it.

It matches his wedding ring exactly and the quality is outstanding.

Thanks for all your help in making my design a reality.




Hi Baruch

We received the ring last night. It is beautiful!!! We love it!

Thank you so much for doing such a nice job. We will be sure to give your cards to everyone we know. I have already told friends and coworkers to purchase from your site.

Thank you again and we look forward to doing business with you again,



Hi Baruch!

I just received the ring today,and I must say that it is absolutely gorgeous !The craftsmanship is superb,and the quality is superior.

I feel that this ring has far surpassed my expectations.

The ring fits and feels perfect.

Thanks for everything.

Mike and Stephanie


Hi Baruch,…How are you?

It’s me again…i can honestly say, that my search is over with all thesites ,and shopping I’ve been through trying to find a Wedding ring. Your rings are by far,the nicest i have seen. I love the designs. then too…cheers to whomever did your web design!!!!!!Simply beautiful. Thank you

for getting back too me so soon.




I picked up the ring this morning and it looks even better than I expected! It also fits perfectly.

Thank You again for all of your help.

Best wishes,



Dear Baruch

just a few words to say how very pleased I am with the jewelry I purchased of you last week it is very fine quality and exceptional design, thanking you again.


Peter Pledger.



I received the ring and it is wonderful. The ring fits perfect and he loves it. Thanks for a wonderful ring.


Letisha Salyer



Feel free to use my comments. As I said before it is a wonderful ring and he loves it. It is a wonderful design and excellent quality. We looked at alot of rings before we found your website and then the search was over.

Thanks again,

Letisha Salyer


Shalom Baruch

I wanted to let you know that I received the ring, and it fits perfectly!! And I absolutely love it!! My fiancee does as well!! Thank

you so much for everything and I will stay in touch, and am hoping to get a bracelet here pretty soon!! Thank you again and God Bless!!

Best regards,




I received my ring last week Friday. Everything is perfect. Thank you. I wanted to e-mail earlier but I’ve been very busy. Just wanted to let you know that all is good.


Thanks again,

Jeff Meyers



I wanted to let you know that I recieved the ring today. It is just as perfect as the other one. I wanted to thank you for all of your help. Thanks to you we will have our original ring.

Thanks again,

Letisha Salyer


Dear Baruch

The ring arrived Friday as promised.

Thank you so very much, it is as beautiful as the picture and the fit is perfect.

I must tell you I was a little hesitant about ordering online for such a special token but your service and craftsmanship are truly magnificent. I hope I have no reason to order another wedding ring, but I will certainly keep you in mind for any other special events.

Thank you again. I will share your cards and email address with my friends.

Janice Dennis



Because I work with my hands I needed a lightweight, durable wedding band.

I ordered the Kefalonia, and it arrived less than a week after I placed my order. I was astounded at the beauty and detail. It was absolutely breathtaking. The pictures on the website do not do justice to the finished piece!

Count me as a satisfied customer.



Hello Baruch,

Thank you so much for the amazing wedding ring, that is so symbolic to my wife and out. Thank you for everything you did to get it to us in time before our wedding.

If you wish to put this picture on your site you have my permission.

Thank you Baruch.

Kind Regards

Britton Winter


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