Of earrings Aris jewelry has a range of hoop earrings, stud earrings, and dangling earrings. The dangling arrings of Sea horses are made with rose gold. The St. Bart’s hoop earrings are hand made with Turk’s head design.in 18K yellow gold. The Tahiti and Bonaire are hand made Turk’s head stud earrings in 18K yellow gold. The Fidia are hand made titanium snake braiding encased in gold.


To make any watch unique, you can have a watch band made to fit your existing watch or any watch that you fancy. Aris jewelry can design the watch band that you want with silver or gold or a combination of gold and silver the with the Pan watch band. The Chrono watch band is all silver and can be made in two part as the Pan watch band. You can have also different kind of weaving. just look at the bracelets page to get inspired. The weaving can be
made done with gold and silver alternating strands.


Of pendants Aris jewelry have two unique pendants. One that is a 18K yellow gold Turk head cross that is oval framed. The cross itself rise out of the frame to give a three dimension presence.The Argo pendant is hand made in sterling silver, in the form of ancient Greek sail boat from the times of Jason the Argonaut and Odysseus.