Since titanium rings are difficult to resize, it is worthwhile to spend the time in sizing correctly prior to ordering. The ideal size is comfortable, even when the hand is closed into a fist and should be tight enough to prevent the ring from falling off accidentally. If size is unknown, the best and most accurate way of measuring is by visiting a jeweler. The sizing rings should be of approximately the same width as the desired titanium ring: wider rings (8mm or more for average sized ring) tend to require larger sizes, up to a half size more. One of your own rings that fits comfortably can be brought along for sizing.

Finger size changes with temperature and time of day: fingers tend to expand slightly in the morning, shrinking back during the day and evening. Midday is a good time to measure accurately.

What is Titanium?

Titanium, the material that has been proven to be the solution to future technology has been shown to be the answer to future esthetics as well. Totally hypoallergenic, non-destructible, non-tarnishing and light-weight, generating a richness of color allowing it to be combined with the traditional jewelry metals for exciting and subtle effects.

Our unique and classic titanium rings, titanium bands and titanium bracelets are precision, handcrafted from Titanium (Ti, atomic number 22). Titanium first isolated over two hundred years ago was named for the Titans, the mighty race who, in legend, inhabited the Earth before the creation of man. Today titanium is widely used in the aerospace industry but due to its many desirable properties has been adapted to other uses. Pure titanium is about as strong as steel yet nearly 50% lighter. When added to various alloys, its hardness, toughness and tensile strength can be increased dramatically. Its luxurious texture and look make it an innovative and eternal medium for today’s jewelry.

Titanium is immune to corrosion by any element and is physiologically inert and hypoallergenic. Titanium is virtually non-magnetic, making it ideal for applications where electromagnetic interference must be minimized.

About your Privacy

No credit card information is held by Aris Titanium, after the order is placed with the credit card company, and the charge is authorized, the information is deleted.

Aris Titanium does not pass information of any sort to other parties.


After selecting the item you wish to purchase, click onto its picture. On the order form that appears, please note the type of shipping that you want. Enter the information required in the order form. In the event that you have discussed special terms with Aris Titanium (quantity discount, engraving, special orders, etc.) note the agreed upon price in the space allocated for this in the comment box.


– Registered mail world-wide shipping – $ 10 additional

– Express world wide shipping – $ 35  additional (Japan, Australia & New Zealand $ 45)

(Sorry, no shipping to Africa and Asia)

– Orders will be shipped within 7 – 14 working days after confirmation

Multiple  orders

When you are ordering two or more items, do it in one order form, so that you will only be charged for one shipment .

Return Policy

If you are not satisfied for any reason (which we hope will never be the case), other than a change in size, we will accept a return of the merchandise within 14 days of delivery. In order to make return arrangements you must make prior contact at:

Fax: 972 – 8 – 6338511



Merchandise must be unused and returned in the original packaging by Fed Ex or registered mail, preferably insured at your responsibility.

Return merchandise costs are 30% of the original cost (minimum of $60). Special orders will cost 50% of the original price.

The returned merchandise will be examined by Aris and only then will the money be refunded.


The titanium is guaranteed for life. Inlays are guaranteed for one year after purchase.

All guarantees apply to normal wear and tear.