Jewlry Designer

Baruch was born in Israel and has lived most of his adult life in Eilat, on the shores of the Red sea.

Warm seas and beaches have always been his source of comfort and inspiration and it is there that he feels at home.

He started his professional career as a jet mechanic.  Could it be that his exposures to titanium then lead him to where he is today?

He eventually earned a skipper’s license and sailed/worked the Red Sea, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean. He traveled extensively around Europe, eastern and western. Along the way, he started crafting jewelry with wires and shells.

A friend in Greece, where he lives every summer – spending most of his time sailing and Considers it his second home, taught him the art of fine jewelry making.

Today, Baruch works with titanium, silver and gold, using each separately or in combination.

His motifs are primarily nautical – knots and ropes and Greek mythology serves as his muse for designs and names.